Building Momentum for a State of Equality

Forum for Equality is creating an online list of pro-equality businesses across the state. We are building momentum for local and state workplace protections, and we need your help in identifying and enrolling pro-LGBT businesses by copying the form in the link below and taking it with you to businesses of which you are a patron. You can also visit our Facts page to learn more about how equality and diversity are good for business and download a printable PDF with information that you can use to educate others.

Do you want to add YOUR business to the Louisiana Equality Means Business list? It's easy. If you currently have a nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity, you're qualified. If not, click here to view our brief sample policy that protects both customers and employees from discrimination in your workplace.

Once your policy is in place, then fill out the form through the link below to add your business. We will follow up with you to make sure that all information is correct and in place to have your business added to the list.

Add your business

Follow this link to fill out the form and help us build momentum for a State of Equality.

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The Facts

Essential information about how diversity and equality are simply good for business.

Learn the facts

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